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Go Bach to Sleep, A Deep Sleep Mediation by Dr. Michael Glock

Improve Deep Sleep with Remarkable Results Based on Sleep Research!

Go Bach to Sleep & Take Bach Break paraliminal meditations for sleep by Michael Glock Ph.D.

I'm Worried & Anxious &  I  Can't Sleep

Sleep quality markedly declines across the human lifespan. Particularly the amount of slow-wave sleep (SWS), it decreases with age and this decline is paralleled by a loss of cognitive functioning in the elderly.
Improving sleep and cognition by hypnotic suggestion is improved with our self-hypnosis bedtime meditation "Go Bach to Sleep." The  meditation includes mind travel, nature sounds and magically refined deep sleep suggestions that promote profound relaxation & night long sleep. Each meditation is cleverly designed to promote slow wave sleep.

Source from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/271834357_Improving_sleep_and_cognition_by_hypnotic_suggestion_in_the_elderly [accessed May 03 2018].

Take Bach Break paraliminal meditation for a relaxed sleep by Michael Glock Ph.D.

The Science is In. Hypnosis Works!

A Swiss Science study discovered that  listening to sleep-promoting hypnosis, with women who are hypnotically suggestible spent two-thirds less time awake, and about 80 percent more time in deep sleep compared to those who slept without hypnotic suggestions.

"There have been many reports that hypnosis can be a good thing for promoting sleep," said study co-author Bjorn Rasch, a psychology professor at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland. Professor Rash has also seen memory enhancements and language improvements associated with restful slow-wave-sleep and hypnosis.

Michael Glock Ph.D. Coach, Mentor & Hypnotherapist

​​Dr. Michael Glock, ​Author, Hypnoanalyst

I first started using Hypnosis to get a better nights sleep and pass my exams in New Zealand. I created early versions of Go Bach to Sleep and Take a Bach Break  to help me reduce anxiety, and enhance memory retention. After years of continual experimentation, I've perfected Go Back to Sleep to easily erase insomnia, sleep disorders & reduce anxiety & depressive symptoms. Try it! You'll love how refreshed you feel in the morning.

Use the Take a Bach Break  for super napping during the day and the Go Bach to Sleep for a full nighttime of deep calming restfull sleep.


TAKE A BACH BREAK for FREE! Download it today!

A carefully crafted 60 minute chunk of cleverly precise suggestions to entrain your subconscious mind for total relaxation and deep sleep. This meditation enhances & improves memory retention and hypnotically assists the  mind to drift off into a deep sleep. For some people, especially those that are very suggestible on the hypnosis spectrum, the free TAKE A BACH BREAK will be enough. For those suffering from chronic insomnia, worry, depression or anxiety the GO BACH TO SLEEP 90 minute meditation will work wonders because of the embedded deep sleep subconscious suggestions.


Overcome Sleep Disorder with Embedded Hypnotic & NLP Suggestions

This dual induction tropical island and deep sleep suggestion meditation will rapidly sink you into a calm trance. This results in a perfect storm of curated  sleep enhancing suggestions that are delivered directly into your subconscious mind relieving you of fundamental sleeplessness and sleep preventing mind racing thoughts. The paraliminal includes potent anchors that trigger positive sleep programming reinforcing continued positive sleep hygiene for years to come.


Enhance Your Memory
& Sleep Well All Night Long

Purchase the advanced Go Bach to Sleep and slash your  worries and anxiety while amplifying positive sleep habits and nighttime routines. It's mastered in High Definition (HD) audio and cleverly integrates the most beneficial slow-wave sleep (SWS) frequencies to aid dreaming, deep relaxation and REM. (Rapid Eye Movement).

Use Go Bach to Sleep at the same time and place every night. We recommend this best practice technique: same time, same place, quiet space, eyes closed and an undisturbed evening. The subconscious mind loves a routine. Give it what it wants, so you can break your bad sleeping habits and go through the doorway to a good night's sleep.



Dr Stephani Stephens

Dr. Stephani Stephens. MelbourneAustralia.


I have worked alongside Michael for several years and he brings a warm and insightful perspective to his projects. His ability to capture the essence of the matter is both efficient and healing and his wisdom always feels exact, and timely, as if what I need will soon be around the corner. This is Michael’s way.

Chad Jackson ~ Painter

Chad Jackson. Los Vegas, Nevada, USA.


Micheal has got a great practice going, he'll walk you through a process and you'll change. And as you come out the other side you will have a whole new look on life. He is here to help and help he will for those willing to to take steps forward. Thank you for all your creativity, Michael.

Sulagna Sengupta, M.A., Member, India Jung Centre, Bangalore, India

Sulagna Sengupta, M.A.  Member, India Jung Centre, Bangalore, India.


“Michael invites readers to travel into their inner lives and rebuild their destinies, while he effortlessly takes us through Jungian concepts, world myths and stories of life in multiple cultures and continents. As Michael deftly shows in this book, 'Way Ahead—Medicine Stories' is a symbolic journey and a way to renew by throwing open the gates to the future.”


Listen to the FREE Bach Break and get the answers.

Would listening to cleverly phrased subconscious suggestions with hypnotic language patterns designed to induce deep relaxation and even somnambulism really work on me?

Would Hypnosis in general work on me? Could I release my anxiety or depression while I am lying on my bed worried about things? 

Will the the Bach violin instrumental's on these meditations   induce a light trance and make my unconscious mind more receptive to hyper suggestibility?

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Our family of projects include the Oprah Winfrey Clinical Hypnotherapy star Rochelle L. Cook MA., CHt., and Dr Michael Glock. Both are authors: The Soul's Coach—7 Paths to Healing Your Relationship by Ms. Cook & Way Ahead—Medicine Stories by Dr. Glock.
Available on Amazon & for one-on-one in-office hypnotherapy & coaching in Los Angles CA., USA. Also available online.

The Soul's Coach: 7 Paths to Healing your Relationship Kindle Edition by Rochelle Cook (Author)
Way Ahead - Medicine Stories by Michael Glock Ph.D.


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