Smell, vision, sound, taste and touch, these are the cornerstones of life. They are also the basic elements we work with when we use NLP strategies to create change. The human mind and the new research which is known as the “new unconscious” clearly shows the mind works symbolically, it remembers using sounds, and smell, images and taste. Remember when mankind fist landed on the moon in 1969, do you remember the room you were in, what color was the chair you were sitting on? This is an example of how the mind works, it remembers using imagery to remember.

The future is here

It is lying fallow in your present “now” moment. By using NLP strategies we can access possible future states, model them and then walk them back through your life’s timeline. This will cause change and transformation in your present and it will allow forgiveness and your mind to release the negative emotions from your past.


We use rituals, we light candles, burn incense, and smudge sticks to clear the negativity in the room. We set up a sacred circle of protection and we have fresh flowers to nourish the senses. In our sessions we help you open your eyes, ears and we help you get in touch with parts of yourself you have forgotten about.

NLP is an attitude, normally of curiosity, which leads to the modelling of success. This then leads a number of techniques, so that what is learned from modelling can be passed on to others. Practising these techniques will increase your logical, emotional, and intuitive thinking and is likely to help you to accomplish more than you currently think is possible.

NLP is a lot more than NLP techniques, however learning about NLP techniques can be the start of a fascinating adventure.


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