​Crush Test Anxiety with ​NLP, Hypnotic  Paraliminal Suggestions & The Mozart Effect.

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Overcome Test Anxiety with The Mozart Effect .A Paraliminal Trance Meditation by Michael Glock Ph.D.

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The MOzart effect & Overcome Test Anxiety paraliminals by Dr. Michael Glock

​I'm Smart. I Just Can't Take Tests.

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and do your best every time. If you really want to dramatically improve your ability to score well on tests and exams, the ​Mozart Effect & Overcoming ​Test​Anxiety​ paraliminal set from Michael Glock Ph.D. can help you.

The Mozart Effect A Paraliminal Trance Meditation by Michael Glock Ph.D.

​​The Mozart Effect

​Our two paraliminal meditations use Mozart's original scores, and carefully crafted Alpha, ​Beta, ​Delta & Theta frequencies that quickly drop you into a light state of receptive trance. The Mozart Effect Paraliminal is FREE and prepares your subconscious mind for the dual induction ​strategic goal setting NLP ​styled hypnotic suggestions to ​quickly enhance your memory and test ​taking abilities.

Michael Glock Ph.D. Coach, Mentor & Hypnotherapist

​​Dr. Michael Glock, ​Author, Hypnoanalyst

​I first started using NLP tricks to pass m​y exams to get into college in Wellington, New Zealand, then I used the Mozart Effect and my own paraliminals to pass my Master's and then my Ph.D. in Philosophy. After years of experimentation, I've perfected ​Overcoming Test Anxiety ​& the Mozart Effect​ to easily erase test anxiety & promote extraordinary goal achievement. Try it! You'll love how it makes you feel confident and inspired!


​Download the Mozart
Effect for FREE

A carefully crafted 30 minute chunk of precise engineering to entrain your mind for total focus and mental receptivity. This meditation enhances & improves memory retention and hypnotically assists the subconcious mind for daily goal setting. By adding the powerful Overcome Test Anxiety  paraliminal you will embed postive NLP subliminal suggestions into your subconscious that will mitigate test anxiety. As a result listening to Overcoming Test Anxiety (if you choose to purchase it), will trigger profound release from test taking anxiety and create a sense of calm.


​Overcome Test Anxiety with ​Embedded Hypnotic & NLP ​​Suggestions

This dual induction rapidly sinks you into a light trance, as a result a perfect storm of curated  anxiety reducing suggestions are delivered directly into your subconscious mind relieving you of fundamental test anxiety. The paraliminal includes potent anchors that trigger positive ongoing programming on a daily basis reinforcing positive study habits,


​Enhance Your Memory
& Test Taking Abilities

​Purchase the advanced Overcome Test Anxiety and slash your exam anxiety while also amplifying ​positive study habits and daily routines. It's mastered in HD and cleverly integrates the most beneficial frequencies to aid concentration & focus.

​​Use Overcome Test Anxiety at the same time and place everyday for 7 days prior to any test taking. We recommend the best practice technique: same time, same place, quiet space, eyes closed and an undisturbed 30 minutes. The subconscious mind loves a routine. Give i what it wants, so you can perform at your very best! Use Overcome Test Anxiety every time you study for any exam.


​Total Success ​Stories

Jean R.  Los Angeles, CA

​Jean R. Los Angeles, CA

​I scored high on my MCAT! Thank you for helping me to study and build new habits. I would not have achieved what I have without you in my mind! P.S. I'm now a medic in the armed forces.

Melissa H.  LA, CA. USA.

​Melissa H. L​A, USA. YELP review.

​I thank my lucky stars. These meditations saved my life in law school. ​They helped reprogram my mind for success and assisted me in overcoming my fears of test taking.

Jennifer D. Atlanta, GA USA

​​Jennifer D.  Atlanta, GA USA

​5 years later I’m Now a Doctor. WOW. I wouldn't have believed this 5 years ago. Thank you for the #Hypnotherapy and #Coaching it changed my life!"

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The Soul's Coach: 7 Paths to Healing your Relationship Kindle Edition by Rochelle Cook (Author)
Way Ahead - Medicine Stories by Michael Glock Ph.D.

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