Test Anxiety is to be Expected!

Anxiety over is normal, but for some of us, #testanxiety actually hurts performance. If you’re struggling with test anxiety, here is a solution!

​I’m Smart. I Just Can’t Take Tests.

​Learn how to learn better, remember more and do your best every time. If you really want to dramatically improve your ability to score well on tests and exams, the ​Mozart Effect & Overcoming ​Test ​​Anxiety​ paraliminal set from Michael Glock Ph.D. can help.

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The Mozart Effect

Our two paraliminal meditations use Mozart’s original No 40 in G Minor and three of his well known Divertimento compositions. These are combined with carefully crafted Alpha, ​Beta, ​Delta & Theta frequencies that quickly drop you into a light state of receptive trance. The Mozart Effect Paraliminal is FREE and prepares your subconscious mind for the dual induction ​strategic goal setting NLP ​styled hypnotic suggestions that ​quickly enhance your memory and test ​taking abilities.

Overcome Test Anxiety with The Mozart Effect .A Paraliminal Trance Meditation by Michael Glock Ph.D.


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