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Anxious or Worried about Tomorrow’s Presentation or Test?

Are you experiencing test anxiety? Can it be treated? The answer is yes. Below you will find some study guides and some of our test anxiety Paraliminal Meditations. These are hypnotherapeutic mediations that improve study skills, facilitate participation and support memory retention and achievement motivation.

My paraliminal’s are coded to simply move your subconscious mind from Alpha, Delta and into Theta frequencies in order for your subconscious mind to receive advanced suggestions. With built in anchors and structures that will trigger new positive patters throughout the coming days.

The paraliminal’s are carefully crafted to include the Mozart effect. Listening to classical music particularly  Mozart has been anecdotally reported to be beneficial by students studying for important exams. Mozart’s music has been carefully injected into the subconscious mind to create a calm and balanced, anxious free listening space.

An simple induction without following suggestions.

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Hypnotherapist’s work with vocational and advocational self-improvement and are not licensed by the State of California as healing arts practitioners. Some conditions may require a medical or psychological referral. Hypnotherapy is an approved medical practice that is fully recognized in many countries around the world. Hypnotherapy is frequently used to control pain without any side effects and when drugs sometimes fail. Due to this holistic mind/body approach healing can occur rapidly, yet gently, with faster recovery and fewer doctors visits.