The “affect bridge” is a technique whereby a patient is moved experientially from the present to a past incident over an affect common to the two events rather than through an overlapping “idea” as is usual in psychoanalytic association. The current affect is enhanced, enlivened and animated and all other aspects of the present experience are hypnotically removed, melted or vaporized. The patient is then asked to return to some earlier experience during which the affect was felt and to re-live the associated event. The client is then guided to disassociate from the experience and/or replace it with positive resources.

For example: A case is presented during which two “affect bridges” were used to time travel to an early experience of hunger after a long 5 mile hike as part of the treatment of poverty around money. Significant conflict material so secured was “brought forward” to the present to achieve “insight” and “working-through.” The technique achieves significant therapeutic change in a comparatively short period of time.

This is a core technique of my working through process, a combination of NLP, Hypnotherapy and Depth Psychology.



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