The First Thing to Understand is That You are Already Way Ahead! Especially if you Have “Issues.” Tomorrow’s Change Will Happen When you Recognize That the Key to Understanding May be Found in the Symptoms You are Experiencing.

Way Ahead - Medicine Stories by Michael Glock Ph.D.How to get Way Ahead!

My story telling practice is based on the book Way Ahead — Medicine Stories.  it charts my own story and delivers tools and a methodology to use design thinking to carve out your own story, your own future. It fuses the Jungian project, Western Apache philosophy, journaling, and Descartes’ Scientific Method together in order to leave the “dark ages” and reach personal renaissance.

Who is this work for? Teenagers, college age adults, young professionals, entrepreneurs & the delightfully varied, eccentric and always emerging creative class of writers, directors, producers and actors. People of all ages who are in transition seek me out, those experiencing career, life stage change & people with dreams who are dreaming. Why? Because, everything has a cycle that often includes a birth, death and renewal.

“A brilliant book for today’s legion of soul-seekers! Jungian psychology can sometimes seem like a sleeping giant, made by the old for the old. This book, with its well-informed approach, wakes the giant up.”

~ Andrew Samuels, Professor of Analytical Psychology, University Of Essex; Author, Jung And The Post-Jungians, London , United Kingdom.

This book is a J. F Kennedy style Moon Shot project for the Self, a grand journey where you may become a reborn Hero with a Thousand Faces. You will meet obstacles and allies along the way, you will soar & you will fall and fail, and then renew! You will be creating your own, mysterious medicine story. When you fall, go back to the scenario, go back to the vision and remember your mission & map. Work the steps & the process, this is the recipe for your personal renaissance and life affirming enduring direction.


Way Ahead - Medicine Stories by Michael Glock Ph.D.


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