We all face different life stages and different challenges in life

Are you tired of repeating patterns that only lead to feelings of sadness or guilt? Many of us live out in the world oblivious to the fact that the unconcious is ruling the and running the show. When you come in and see me to work on an issue, we generally look back into your history to uncover, I like also saying to “unconceal” that which has caused you to become who you are today. The sheer act of this journey is in itself healing. 

I often use methods and protocols from NLP to shake you out of mindless behavior. Three techniques regularly used are listed below.

Technique 1

Pain from the Past Photograph by Photo by Rye Jessen on UnsplashAre you ready to begin healing from the pain of your past?

The mind is perfectly suited to time travel. We do it everyday.

The biggest problem with how we remember things is that we tend to make the events and trauma’s mean something.  These meanings are based on the physical stage, age, and developmental stage of the person at the time the presenting issue took place. Something happened while we were in a moment of deep emotion, and we made the thing that happened mean something negative about ourselves.  “I’m not good enough,” or “I’m a failure!.”  These are often the statements we live with today.

In our hypnotherapy sessions we use creative imagination to enhance memories from the past.  When you fully remember an event is as if you reliving the event in the present. It’s a form of time travel.

Technique 2

The NLP Swish method as described by Dr. Michael Glock. Photograph by ethan-hoover-334116-unsplash.psdAre you tired of repeating patterns that only lead to feelings of sadness or guilt?

A typical session explores a particular negative repeating pattern, using a form of Carl G. Jung’s active imagination, a process in Jungian psychology used to bridge the gap between the conscious and unconscious mind. Then we employ a technique to rapidly and immediately remove and replace the negative memory and behavior with positive ones. We’ve modified the original Swish method developed by the two founders of NLP, Richard Bandler and John Grinder to achieve enhanced results. At this point we often create anchors that you will always remember to trigger the new behavior.

What is NLP Swish technique?

Every memory has feelings and emotions attached to it. Some emotions are good (positive memories) and some are bad (negative memories). In our sessions we often role play situations because this makes the situation real. Let’s do a role play now to show you how NLP Swish can be used to “edit and reprogram” your emotional tags.

Let’s say you’re a teenager, and you just moved house, and tomorrow is your first day at a new school. You don’t know anyone there. How do you feel? You might feel nervous, anxious or worried because of all the recent school shootings. Yet you know that by feeling nervous and anxious, you’ll telegraph these feelings and emotions making it more likely that you’ll be alienated. It’s a vicious cycle.

You associate “anxiety” with the condition “first day at a new school”. It would be better if you associated “excitement” instead. So we can use Swish technique to make that happen.

First up, we explore your past to uncover positive memories of successful times, we call these resources—your wins as it were. Perhaps you take a memory that is associated with pleasure and excitement – such as anticipation of going to a theme park or a party with friends. Now close your eyes and concentrate on how you feel, thinking about what might happen, the promise of thrill, pleasure and adventure – now in your minds eye, picture or pretend that situation in your mind and SWISH! Quickly swap that picture with the picture of going to school tomorrow. Then, before any feeling of anxiety starts to form, SWISH! Swap the picture back to the good memory.

The idea is to keep remembering how excited you felt, and hold onto that feeling. Whilst maintaining the positive emotion, “swish” back and forth quickly between the two pictures.

This is a simple example and explanation, our office is set up to creatively enhance the process. We use high fidelity audio & immersive surround sound a virtual reality system to fully immerse you in the change you desire.

Come in and experience an office and protocols  set up for the new millennium.

Technique 3

tired of repeating patterns photograph by claudia-soraya-290053-unsplash.psd

When are you going to stop justifying living the life you don’t want?

Instead of continuing to live your life based on the existing wiring from the past such as making negative pictures of the future and feeling bad. Try hypnosis my style of journey work and story telling and experience imagining a future so that you can get what they want in life now.  In our sessions we vividly imagine a future you want and we model behaviors as if this desired future was already already existing.

Highly successful people tend to keep journals and have written goals.  When you have explored and written down your goals as outcomes, you can sit back and relax, because the future is now pulling you forward. We have watered the roots and fertilized you with the knowledge of your own resources and life patterns that prevented success in the past. A session with me is like gardening, we pull the weeds away from your dreams and desires, we weed out your unconscious programming and replace them with new seeds and nourishing water.


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